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So... a few months ago, I get a DM on @jewelbritanniahats Insta site from a lady called Sophia Di Martino - @itssophiadimartino, informing me that she’s been following me for ages, likes my hats and would like to borrow some for a forthcoming photoshoot. Not being a huge follower of the Marvel Universe, I had a pleasant tingle when I looked Sophia up and discovered that she is an actor who is currently playing Loki’s girlfriend, Sylvie, in Marvel’s Loki series, and who also happens to have over 800K followers… 

Having then stalked poor Sophia on all social mediums, I responded back to her with my usual play it cool response, “what did you have in mind”?

"I’m going to be a baby Mama soon for the second time and this will get showcased in a special photoshoot, so could I borrow Gothic, Love and the Special Hat created for the Butler & Wilson 50th Anniversary for the photoshoot?". "Also, do you think you could possibly add the word “Mama” to the front of the Love hat". No problem I said, so proceeded to add MAMA in gorgeous blue Swarovski Crystals, sourced from lovely Poppy at @crystalparade1. I always use Swarovski Crystals as they never fail to sparkle and bling, especially under photographic lighting. I then sent the hats off to Sophia, in the hope that I might eventually receive one or two pics that I could use in an Instagram story or two.

A couple of weeks go by, and the shipping box gets returned as promised with a lovely note of thanks from Sophia. I then settled in and waited for some indication that the hats might feature in a photoshoot. Could it be perhaps the Sunday Time’s supplement or another UK fashion magazine, coz she's hot news, right?

A few more weeks went by and suddenly my excited hubby woke me up at some crazy hour of the morning to say that “MAMA” was sitting on gorgeous Sophia's head on the @elleusa Instagram page ( and their website,, and is the lead shot in a huge feature on Sophia. Over 5M million people follow these particular channels, and my hat was on full show thanks to this glorious Italian Mama. 194K likes later, and I couldn't be happier that she took the time to reach out.   

I am so so grateful to Sophia, her wonderful photographer and Elle USA for giving my “MAMA” hat such a lovely exposure - tanto amore e grazie Sophie!

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