Seven Hats for Seven Brides - Which Bride are you?

Hi there gorgeous brides, 

Over recent years I have worked closely with many brides, and/or their bridesmaids and friends, to tailor special hats to perfectly match their personalities. I typically begin by showing samples from my website, and then proceed to mix and match to suit. My aim is to provide a gorgeous, memorable and one of a kind hat for the Brides special Hen Party event. 

When I design a sample hat such as a number of the hats below in this blog, I always have a type of bride in mind. This blog is designed to show you what goes through my mind as I design them and it's dedicated to all of the beautiful brides out there who want to stand out from the crowd and have a unique memory of their special event

Ice White Bride Party Hat

For brides that adore all things vintage, I've designed Ice White. This stunning and unique hat includes pearls, giving it both a classy and classic edge. I used blue and clear Swarovski crystals and a Butler and Wilson brooch to give this elegant bride a sense luxury and timeless magic. 

Ice White Hen Party Hat

Corn Flower & Lavender

A special commission for this unique bride, inspired by her favourite play - Midsummer Nights Dream. I wanted to give this hat a magical, mystical feel. These flowers and the colour scheme is such a prominent part of this brides wedding day that it provided me with the perfect inspiration for her hat. She wanted to make it versatile, so she could style it for both her hen party and her wedding reception.  A beautiful floral hat for a bohemian bride. Her wedding date was also included on the crown, so she can look back on this hat for many years to come. 

Corn Flower & Lavender

Hot Pink

I feel this hat speaks for itself but we all have that friend who adores pink, bling, feathers and all things glamour. This hat is for our beautiful statement bride, star studded with Swarovski crystals, pearls and sequins, this is a real show stopper. 

Hot Pink Hen Party Hat


Calling all festival brides. This special hat is multi-functional and can be used for the brides hen party then brought back to life for Nevada's Burning Man festival the following year.  Inspired by Cirque de Soleil's Beatles Love show, the influence of music, colour and fun is heavily reflected in this one of a kind hat. This is for your bride with a big heart and a passion for all things music and colour.  


Back in Black

My daughter lives in black clothes, it's effortlessly glam, think Audrey Hepburn and Victoria Beckham. You simply cannot go wrong with a black LBD. Our signature, Back in Black, hat is for the 'cool'  bride who's idea of a pop of colour would be a splash of red lippy and a silver nail... a chic hat for a chic bride. 

London Bride

Two Hearts

Two hearts beat as one, lovingly created for a hopeless romantic. Any bride deserves to have all eyes on her throughout, and the feathers and sparkle of this hat will do exactly this.  Overflowing with elegance and tradition for a wonderful bride with a lot of love to give, this hat will be a perfect fit. 


My final Hat in this blog is calling out to all divas and disco lovers. This glitzy gold number can be custom made to suit your bride, Mrs B or Mrs Z? I can adapt the hat at no extra cost to give your bride something very special. This hat will give your bride the confidence to be the first one on the dance floor and the last one off it. 



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